How can you help?

You can help UNITED FOR BETTER PAKISTAN by taking any of these 10 actions.

1. Join our mission by resolving to set aside all political, ethnic, sectarian, religious and ideological differences. Joining our mission means embracing a positive and solution-oriented mindset and a spirit for team-work.  Sign up and join our movement and spread our message by sharing our videos and content with your family members and circle of friends.

 2. If you are an expert in one of the fields Pakistan needs help in, Join “Ibn e Khuldun”; a virtual think tank  to generate solutions for most pressing needs of the nation. 

3. If you are a professional and have an idea for a practical solution to the problems faced by Pakistan today. Or if you have an innovative project idea to introduce digitization and automation  in an existing system. You can present your solution or project proposal at “project central”, Project central can help you form a team & implement your solution that potentially can change the lives of millions of citizens in Pakistan. 

4. Read  and review “Jinnah’s Amendment” in detail, a constitutional amendment focused on bringing changes for reforming the system and uplifting the 98% of the population; Suggest your additions/changes and contribute in refining and making this constitutional package even better. Discuss these constitutional changes with Pakistanis around the globe.( Watch our videos on YouTube channel to understand the constitutional Amendment ) 

5. If you are an IT professional, review Digital-Pakistan automation apps and let us know if you have an idea to make them better and their adoption faster to bring Transparency/ accountability in all aspects of Pakistan’s governance structure.

6. If you are a part of Pakistani Diaspora, you can form a team and start a chapter in your city or join an existing city chapter. If you live in Pakistan, you can join location/ neighborhood based civil society networks.

7. Join our Alumni/Student Network.

8. Join our network of professionals from all walks of life. A network of researchers, C-level Executives, IT experts, doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, business-owners, journalists/ media persons, imams/ religious scholars, senators/MNAs/MPAs, councilors, artists, poets , laborers, farmers, life-coaches, social-media-Influencers etc. 

9. Be politically active and commit to vote for the candidate who publically commits to approve “Jinnah’s Amendment” in first hundred days of his/her presence in the parliament. Lobby and form pressure groups to persuade your current party leadership/MNA/senator to bring “Jinnah’s Amendment” to the parliament for discussion, approval and implementation.

10. Join our “Community Development” (link)area which focuses on personal, family and community development.