Digital Pakistan

Digital Pakistan is a concept of e-governance, a set of software applications aimed at radically reforming and streamlining the functioning of our 6 core systems.  The DIGITAL PAKISTAN software applications will lead Pakistan into the digital age of governance with transparency and embedded accountability.

Political system

Political Contribution System

National Voting System

National Census System

Economic system

Financial Tracking System

Project central system

Contracts tenders tracking system

Tax tracking system

Governance org charts, assets, income tax profiles online system

National property management system

Governance system

Performance Dashboards System

National Problem Resolution System

Citizen Service System

Meeting Recording System

Time Tracking System

National Status Report System

National Hiring System

Hospital and Clinical Management System

Judicial system

Judicial case management system

Police automation system

Education system

Education and Testing Systems

Admission and Scholarship System

National training system

Moral system

Volunteer Tracking System