Civil Society

What can civil society do for a better Pakistan?

Civil society is, in essence, a collection of individuals and institutions, independent of governments and corporations that work for social causes and common interests of citizens. We have a strong and vocal civil society in Pakistan that has historically been active in matters related to public interest.  As a democracy, we need an active presence of civil society in Pakistan to play its role. Civil society must be there to speak for the common man where governments and corporations fail. Civil society, as a matter of fact, represents us, the people. We can’t be just silent spectators and mourn politicians’ do-nothingism all the time. We can’t wait for Messiahs and saviors all our lives! Truth be told, we just can’t leave our dream of a better Pakistan for the politicians, government functionaries and bureaucrats alone! A well-known social scientist once said, “We cannot be mere consumers of good governance. We must be participants, we must be co-creators.” We have to take action; we have to play our role for a better Pakistan. Public participation and the role of civil society is vital and is an absolute imperative for the success of any movement. In fact our
dream of a better Pakistan cannot be realized without the proactive and informed participation of civil society. Here is a list of things that our civil society can do to pave the way for a better

1. The civil society can highlight the need and rationale for this initiative, Jinnah’s amendment by United for better Pakistan. They can explain to the general public why there is a need to take action and that there is no other way. We have to be participants and cocreators in the process of institution-building and reforms.

2. The civil society can be instrumental in outreach and public engagement initiatives. It can create a conducive environment for advocacy
efforts, networking and lobbying.

3. Influencers and celebrities can publically support Jinnah’s amendment and digital platforms for greater outreach.

4. The civil society can motivate professionals from all walks of life to offer their skills and knowledge in creating solutions.
Professionals must be encouraged to submit their projects to PROJECT CENTRAL for creating solutions to the problems our 6 core systems face.

5. Civil society lawyers can play their role in creating awareness about the legal and human rights aspects of Jinnah’s amendment. They can explain how Jinnah’s amendment will be instrumental in realization of rights of the common man to public services and information.

6. Community leaders and activists can create a network to advocate for this reforms-package and highlight the benefits it will bring to the common man.

7. Writers and bloggers can write and blog about Jinnah’s amendment and digital Pakistan initiative, they can convey the message to the general public through newspapers and digital platforms. Civil society in Pakistan and Pakistani Diaspora abroad can actively participate in this initiative
and make ground for Jinnah’s amendment a success at 4 levels. As a Pakistani you can sign in on our website page and can participate and play your role in any of these 4 capacities.

1. Alumni of leading universities in Pakistan and abroad: If you are a university student or an alumnus of a university you can log in to your account on our website on this link. You can form a chapter of your university fellows and alumni to work as a team for the cause of united for better Pakistan.

2. Neighborhood: If you are living in Pakistan you can form a chapter of civil society to work as a team at the neighborhood or village level for the cause of united for better Pakistan. These neighborhood chapters will form connections and networks to advocate for Jinnah’s

3. Pakistani Diaspora: If you are one of the non-resident Pakistanis, you can also be a part of the team united for better Pakistan by forming groups in the cities and towns you are living. You can raise your voice for a better future of Pakistan while living abroad.

4. Professional organizations: If you are a professional working in any field, like a lawyer, a doctor, a journalist, a teacher, an IT professional or in any other field you can form your professional chapter. This professional chapter can consist of your colleagues and friends practicing the same profession. You can contribute to our cause as a team of professionals. United for better Pakistan believes in the value of teamwork, we believe that a journey of a million miles begins with a single step. Together we can make an impact. And coming together is just a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.

Students/Alumni Network

Location/neighborhood based networks

Profession based Network

Diaspora Network