United for better Pakistan C- level club

C-level officers or c-suite officers are the top brass officers working in the corporate sector.
These guys are the decision makers and managers in their respective fields of experience and
expertise. These people not only play a pivotal role in running companies but they make vital
decisions to remain in business and thrive. Our c-level club consists of Pakistani CEOs, CFOs,
CMOs, CIOs etc working in the private sector all over the world.

What is c-level club

This is a group of C-level executives of Pakistani origins working in
Pakistan or abroad. This club will work as a talent pool that will work for our common objective
of creating out of the box solutions for our national issues

What will it do:

Our c-club will play a role in sharing knowledge and experience in their
respective professional fields through webinars, workshops, ted talks and seminars at the
leading national universities. This sharing of experience and knowledge will enrich our discourse
on reforms. This talent pool will be a place to look to when looking for expertise, advice and
inspiration. Exposure to the private sector efficiency will make our state institutions and
corporations function better. United for Better Pakistan aims to connect the brightest corporate
minds of Pakistan working all over the world with Pakistan’s public representatives, policy
makers and academia.